BRAVE Measure

If you would like to measure your resilience, please complete the questions below. We do not store your responses.

Please note, this is an online version of the BRAVE which we provide just for interest. If you would like to access the measure and manual for use in your own project, please go here

Research has shown that resilience – the ability to withstand, overcome, or adapt to adversity – depends, in part, on internal qualities, or a person’s “ruggedness”. The survey you have just completed (the RRM) provides a general assessment of this ‘rugged’ resilience. If your score was lower than you would like, this indicates that you might be having difficulties with thoughts about yourself or that there are personal skills like problem-solving that could be improved. In times of adversity, these rugged qualities help to us to withstand stress and emerge positively on the other side. The good news is that many rugged qualities can be bolstered.

If you would like to learn more about strategies to improve your resilience, here are some resources:
Change Your World
(book) and the 14 day resilience challenge.
If you would like to read more about the RRM, see

Please remember that this survey measures your ‘rugged’ resilience and therefore assesses internal qualities. If you would like to assess your external qualities too, as part of a holistic view of resilience, please try the CYRM (for children/youth) or ARM (for adults). The CYRM/ARM helps us understand how resourced we are, which also enables our resilience.